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FIN 301 Financial Management
The fundamentals of business finance, including financial analysis, planning, and control; management of working capital; analysis of long-term investment opportunities; and examination of internal and external sources of financing. Prerequisites: MGT 123 and ACT 202. (3)

FIN 334 Investments
Survey of commercial and government investments with emphasis on understanding investment markets, primarily the stock exchanges. Offered fall semester only. Prerequisite: FIN 301. (3)

FIN 362 Intermediate Financial Management
A case study approach to corporate financial problems. The cases provide the basis for class discussion on the approach to financial problem solving. Offered spring semester only. Prerequisite: FIN 301. (3)

FIN 400 Senior Seminar in Finance
An opportunity for assisted self-directed study of a topic of interest. The study will culminate in a paper and oral presentation. Offered spring semester only. Prerequisites: 12 credits in FIN courses and senior status. (3)

FIN 485 International Finance
Develops a conceptual framework for the analysis of financial decisions of the multinational firm. Topics include foreign exchange markets, foreign exchange risk management, parity conditions in international finance, foreign investment analysis, political risk, and financial management of the multinational corporation. Offered fall semester only. Prerequisite: FIN 301. (3)