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FR 101 Introductory French I
Introduces the basic French communication skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The course is designed for linguistic growth in the four skills. Emphasis is placed on conversation. The class is conducted in French. (3)

FR 102 Introductory French II
Perfects the student’s knowledge of fundamentals and the use of French language skills. The class is conducted in French and includes a basic introduction to French culture. Prerequisite: FR 101 or equivalent. (3)

FR 201 Intermediate French I
Reviews basic skills in French and advances knowledge of grammatical structures and skill in conversation. The course stimulates spontaneous use of spoken French and is appropriate for students who have the equivalent of two years of high school French or one year of college French. (3)

FR 202 Intermediate French II
Designed to increase and perfect the ability to speak, read, and write in French. Added emphasis is given to developing writing skills. The course is appropriate for students with a strong foundation in the language. Prerequisite: FR 201 or equivalent. (3)

FR 303 Contemporary French Civilization
Focuses on a general overview of the social, political, and cultural trends in France and in francophone countries today. Readings, lectures, and class discussions are conducted in French. Prerequisite: FR 202 or equivalent. (3)

FR 305 Topics in French Literature
Each year the course readings focus on a different literary topic as announced in the course schedule. Readings, analysis, and discussions are conducted in French. Prerequisite: FR 202 or permission of instructor. (3)