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GER 101 Introductory German I
A study of the basic German communication skills for reading, writing, listening, and speaking; a beginning course for students with no previous German training. Emphasis is on developing comprehension and conversation skills. (3)

GER 102 Introductory German II
Continues the development of the beginning student’s knowledge of the foundations of German. Includes an introduction to German culture and customs. Course is conducted in German. Prerequisite: GER 101 or equivalent. (3)

GER 201 Intermediate German I
Presents a review of basic German language skills with emphasis on the use of German in realistic communicative settings. Appropriate for students with two years of high school German or one year of college German. (3)

GER 202 Intermediate German II
A course for strengthening and broadening intermediate-level skills. Emphasis on reading contemporary short fiction and the development of writing skills. Appropriate for students with a strong basic knowledge of German. Prerequisite: GER 201 or equivalent. (3)