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HON 101 Introductory Honors Seminar
Examines scholarly works from a variety of fields that have greatly shaped and changed society’s ideas, beliefs, and practices. Students are also introduced to various forms of scholarship and the skills necessary for academic inquiry. Students who successfully complete this course are exempt from EN 102. (3)

HON 399 Honors Thesis Proposal
Examines the scholarly process from a variety of perspectives. In addition to class meetings, students identify and then work with a faculty mentor to develop a scholarly proposal submitted to the Honors Committee for approval. Prerequisites: HON 101 and Intermediate Honors courses. (3)

HON 400 Honors Thesis
Builds upon HON 399. Students, in conjunction with a faculty mentor, work on a scholarly project. At its conclusion, students present and defend their thesis work before a committee consisting of the faculty mentor and at least one member of the Honors Committee. Course may be waived if the student is completing an equivalent departmental course. Prerequisite: HON 399. (3)