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LS 300 Liberal Studies Readings and Portfolio Development
In this course students learn how to develop a personal portfolio that will function as a metacognitive record of their intellectual and experiential development in the Liberal Studies program. Readings from important figures in the humanities and sciences are discussed to foster development of critical thinking skills and an understanding of the interrelationships among the liberal studies disciplines. (3)

LS 400 Liberal Studies Internship
Senior students are placed in an internship with a cooperating employer in the Washington metropolitan area. The internship is monitored by a supervising professor and a representative of the employing firm. May be fulfilled through portfolio assessment by students with significant work history. Prerequisite: approval of the dean of Arts and Sciences. (3-6)

LS 420 Senior Seminar
Examines ways to integrate learning in the two chosen concentrations. Using computer technology, the student conducts research to identify a suitable topic for a major thesis paper requiring scholarly support in both concentrations. When the thesis is completed, the student is required to present and defend it orally to the class and the instructor prior to submission in writing. Prerequisite: LS 300 and senior status. (3)

LS 421 Project
An investigation of a selected topic in the major field. The goal is to demonstrate independent research and present scholarly results in writing of commendable quality. Prerequisite: approval of the dean of Arts and Sciences. (3)