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MGT 123 The Business Experience
A survey of American business with an experiential focus on the business resources of the Washington, DC, area. The student is given an overview of business formation; management origins; and the functional relationships of marketing, finance, personnel, and production. Offered fall and spring semesters only. (3)

MGT 304 Organizational Management
A study of behavior in organizations and influences of individual, group, and organizational processes on performance. Among the topics that will be introduced are interpersonal perception, motivation, group and team dynamics, decision making, influence and conflict, interpersonal communication, and organizational cultures. Offered fall and spring semesters only. Prerequisite: MGT 123 or EN 102. (3)

MGT 370 Hospitality Management
This course is an introduction to the field of hospitality management. Hospitality management involves the business operations of running and managing hotels, restaurants, and other firms in the travel and tourism industry. Topics explored include trends in the tourism industry, differentiation and operations within the hotel and restaurant industries, and the importance of service within the hospitality sector of the economy. Offered fall semester only. Prerequisites: MGT 123, and ECO 210 or ECO 211. (3)

MGT 385 International Business
An investigation of the international environment. Topics include multinational organizations, international trade, effects of imports-exports on balance of trade, exchange rates, restraints, and controls. Offered fall semester only. Prerequisite: ECO 211. Recommended: FIN 301. (3)

MGT 391 Business Writing and Speaking
The primary emphasis of this course is on writing — helping students learn how to write clearly and correctly for busy people at work. A small part of the course will cover fundamentals of business speaking; specifically, students will work together to prepare and present a computer presentation, an extraordinarily useful skill for today’s business environment. Prerequisite: EN 102. (3)

MGT 433 Research
A student in this course will conduct collaborative research (scholarly work leading to new knowledge) under the direction of a faculty member. Prerequisite: application and approval of department chair. (1-6)

MGT 451 Strategic Management
An analysis of major business policy decisions using case studies, simulations, and class discussion. Development of the understanding of the interrelationship of economic, marketing, financial, and management functions through integrating cases. Prerequisites: FIN 301, MGT 304, MGT 391, MKT 301, and senior status. (3)

MGT 470 Strategic Hospitality Management
This course is an examination of the creation and implementation of business policies within the hospitality management industry. A case study approach is used to address topics such as trends in the hospitality industry concerning ethics, training and development, reward systems, and effective communication. Offered spring semester only. Prerequisite: MGT 370. (3)

MGT 485 International Management
An in-depth exploration of the specific functions, roles, and skills needed to effectively manage in an international environment. Current management theories will be examined with regard to their applicability in the international area. Topics will include motivation, leadership, human resource management issues, strategy, and negotiation. Offered spring semester only. Prerequisite: MGT 123 or EN 102. (3)

MGT 489 Senior Business Seminar
The capstone course for students earning a B.B.A. An integrative learning experience providing a hands-on opportunity for students to write a professional business plan and learn the basics of project management. Prerequisite: MGT 451. (3)

MGT 490 Internship
Senior students register for field experience with cooperating business firms in the Washington metropolitan area. The internship is monitored by a supervising professor and a representative of the cooperating company. Application should be made 3 to 6 months prior to registration to permit exploration of internship opportunities. Prerequisites: permission of director of internships for the School of Business Administration, senior status, minimum of 90 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better, and a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better in all Business courses. (3-6)

MGT 499 Independent Study
Students investigate selected topics in the major areas under the direction of a faculty advisor and the dean of the School of Business Administration. Prerequisite: permission of the dean of the School of Business Administration. (3-6)