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MKT 301 Principles of Marketing
A study of the system of interacting business activities that deliver goods and services to present and potential customers. Analysis of the problems of planning, research, and logistics that confront the modern marketing manager. Prerequisite: EN 102. (3)

MKT 305 Sport Marketing
Explores marketing concepts, theories, and practices in the sports industry. Topics include the unique qualities of the sports industry in relation to business and marketing strategy, including product, promotion, pricing, and distribution practices of sport marketing. See department chair for course offering schedule. Prerequisite: MKT 301. (3)

MKT 308 Retailing I
An introduction to the retail business: the analysis of large and small retail operations, site location, store layout and design, advertising and display, relation of the store to its intended target market, store organization, and merchandise mathematics. Offered fall semester only. Prerequisite: EN 102. (3)

MKT 313 Sales Skills and Strategies
An overview of the sales role as it relates to revenue generation within firms. Topics covered in this course include the sales cycle, the sales process, basic selling skills (such as questioning techniques and objection handling), account management, territory management, compensation planning, and sales force management. Offered spring semester only. Prerequisite: MKT 301. (3)

MKT 319 Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
An introduction to advertising — its planning, creation, and use. Examines the purposes of advertising in our economy and society and the role of advertising in the marketing plan. Includes familiarization with the media, media planning, and creative execution. Offered fall semester only. Prerequisite: MKT 301. (3)

MKT 360 Consumer Behavior
An analysis of the behavior that consumers display in searching for, purchasing, using, and evaluating products, services, and ideas that they expect will satisfy their needs. Offered spring semester only. Prerequisite: MKT 301. (3)

MKT 402 Retailing II
An advanced course in retail management, building on skills acquired in MKT 308 and emphasizing use of the case-study method to analyze real problems faced by retail executives. See department chair for course offering schedule. Prerequisite: MKT 308. (3)

MKT 412 Marketing Research
Through case study and field assignment, the student is aided in the development of expertise in problem formulation and in primary and secondary data collection techniques such as question making. Offered spring semester only. Prerequisites: MKT 301 and MSC 300. (3)

MKT 416 Marketing Management
An examination of marketing policy decisions using a case-study approach. Emphasis on the integration of marketing activities and the formulation and execution of marketing strategy within environmental constraints. Offered fall semester only. Prerequisites: MKT 301 and two additional marketing courses. (3)

MKT 485 International Marketing
Lectures, discussion, and case studies are used to understand international and multinational marketing. Specific topics include the importance of culture, international marketing groups, channel structures, and ethical issues. Offered fall semester only. Prerequisite: MKT 301. (3)