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MSC 202 Applied Business Problem Solving
Provides a general understanding and appreciation of the role played by mathematics and spreadsheets in business. Develops an adequate foundation to pursue more advanced work in marketing, finance, management science, and other business areas. (4)

MSC 300 Business Statistics
Introduces students to the basic descriptive and inferential statistical procedures used in the analysis of data and testing of hypotheses in a business environment. Commonly available spreadsheet software will be used. Prerequisite: MSC 202 or equivalent. (3)

MSC 337 Operations Management
A study of the concepts, issues, and decisions facing production and operations managers through the identification and analysis of a variety of operational problems. Emphasis on quantitative analysis techniques used by managers to solve these problems. Extensive use of microcomputer models. Prerequisites: MSC 300. (3)

MSC 345 Project Management
An introduction to the concepts, methods, and applications of project management as practiced by government and private industry. Students will become acquainted with the quantitative tools used in project management and with computer-based software tools. The course will also focus on the managerial and behavioral aspects of project management. Prerequisites: MSC 300 and MGT 304. (3)