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SP 101 Introductory Spanish I
Teaches basic Spanish communication skills to students who have little or no previous training. Emphasis is on comprehension and production of simple sentence patterns. The class is conducted in Spanish. (3)

SP 102 Introductory Spanish II
Broadens the beginning student’s knowledge of fundamental Spanish. The focus is on complex syntactic and semantic structures in all areas of communication skills. The course also introduces students to the Hispanic culture. The class is conducted in Spanish. Prerequisite: SP 101 or equivalent. (3)

SP 201 Intermediate Spanish I
Provides an active and comprehensive review of basic Spanish and is designed to improve the spontaneous use of spoken Spanish. It is appropriate for students who have had two years of high school Spanish or one year of college Spanish. (3)

SP 202 Intermediate Spanish II
Perfects the ability to speak, read, and write Spanish; special emphasis is given to developing writing skills. It is appropriate for students with a strong basic foundation in Spanish. Prerequisite: SP 201 or equivalent. (3)

SP 301 Communicating in Spanish
Students strengthen oral communication skills through discussion of contemporary issues in the Hispanic world. Not open to native Spanish speakers or those with near-native Spanish speaking skills. Prerequisite: SP 202 or approval of instructor. (3)

SP 303 Spanish Civilization and Culture
A study of the historical and cultural roots of the Hispanic world in Europe and the Americas. The course is conducted in Spanish. Prerequisite: SP 202 or equivalent, or approval of instructor. (3)