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Requirements for Graduation

The Bachelor’s Degree

The bachelor’s degree is awarded to students meeting the following requirements (or their equivalent in transferred credits in the case of transfer students):

NOTE: The following courses do not count toward a degree or fulfill any graduation requirements: EN 090 Introduction to College Reading, MA 019W Quantitative Reasoning Workshop, MA 094 Quantitative Reasoning, and MA 095 Intermediate Algebra.

The Post-baccalaureate Certificate

A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better must be obtained for the awarding of any post-baccalaureate certificate.
Students being awarded a post-baccalaureate certificate do not participate in Commencement ceremonies.

The Undergraduate Certificate

A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better must be obtained for the awarding of any undergraduate certificate.
Students being awarded an undergraduate certificate do not participate in Commencement ceremonies.

General Requirements

Residency requirements: In order to participate in Commencement ceremonies, a student must be receiving a degree. For the bachelor’s degree, students must complete a minimum of 36 credits as a student at Marymount. NOTE: The total number of credits required to earn a degree varies by program. Please consult individual program sections in this catalog.

Completion requirement: For an undergraduate degree, all coursework must be completed at Marymount University within 10 years of the date of matriculation.

Minimum grade point average (GPA): A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better must be obtained for the awarding of any undergraduate degree or undergraduate certificate. This cumulative GPA applies to Marymount University coursework.

Course requirements: Marymount University requires successful completion of all Liberal Arts Core and major coursework associated with a student’s degree program. The requirements to be met are stated in the University catalog current at the time of the student’s initial matriculation. Transfer students must complete all courses noted on their transfer evaluation and program of study. This includes attaining minimum grades for courses as stipulated in other sections of this catalog.

A student who cannot fulfill the requirements of a major program successfully will be dismissed from the program. If the student is otherwise in good academic standing, the student may remain at the University by selecting another major program.

Documentation: All final documentation must be received by the Office of the Registrar prior to the deadline for submitting grades. Documentation includes such items as official transcripts, test scores, completion of Incompletes, and grade changes. A graduation petition must be received by the Office of the Registrar by the posted deadline.

Financial obligations: All financial obligations must be met prior to the University Commencement. These include parking fines, credit holds, tuition, etc.

Academic certification: Certification for graduation by a student’s dean and the registrar must be obtained prior to the University Commencement.

Graduation and Commencement

Degrees are conferred in May, August, and December. There is one formal Commencement ceremony in May.

A student must file a graduation petition form (available online at or in the Registrar’s Office) and submit a $40 diploma fee by the posted deadline. NOTE: The completion of a graduation petition does not guarantee that a student will graduate. A student’s degree audit will be completed by the School in which the student is matriculated once a student petitions to graduate. The degree audit will determine if a student is eligible to graduate.

Graduation petitions submitted after the posted deadline will be processed at the discretion of the University and are subject to a $160 late processing fee. Students who submit the petition after the published deadline may not receive their diplomas at the close of the semester, may not graduate until the next graduation date, and — in the spring semester — may not be listed in the Commencement program. A student who submits a late petition may not be eligible to participate in Commencement exercises if a full audit of the student’s record cannot be processed to confirm eligibility.

A student who does not meet graduation requirements at the end of the semester in which a graduation petition was filed must file a new petition, pay relevant fees, and indicate the new anticipated graduation date.

Students graduating at the completion of any term are encouraged to participate in the subsequent Commencement exercise and should contact the Office of the Registrar for instructions.

Students who need to earn six credits or fewer during the summer semester to complete their degree requirements may participate in the May Commencement exercises if they meet both of the following conditions:

  1. complete a petition for graduation by the designated deadline; and
  2. complete and have signed by their dean a Course Completion Plan. The plan must specify all remaining requirements and in which prescribed session(s) in the summer semester immediately following Commencement the student intends to complete the work. The Course Completion Plan must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar by the graduation petition deadline.

No exceptions or exemptions to these two conditions will be made or given.


Diplomas for May graduates are issued during the Commencement ceremonies provided the graduation petition and the $40 diploma fee have been submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the posted deadline. Diplomas for August and December graduates are mailed by the Registrar’s Office at the close of the summer and fall semester provided the graduation petition and the diploma fee have been submitted in a timely manner.

Diplomas are mailed at no charge. Diplomas are withheld from students who have unsettled obligations to the University.
Students who participate in the Commencement with a projected date of completion in the summer following will not receive the diploma at Commencement; the diploma will be awarded only after all program requirements are completed.

Diploma Replacement Policy

A replacement diploma in the name of the student as it appeared at the original time of issue will be provided upon written request by the student, return of the damaged diploma if possible, and payment of a $80 replacement fee. The replacement will include appropriate dates, signatures, and notations where possible. If the student’s name has been legally changed by marriage or court order, a new diploma may be issued upon written request. This request must include legal proof of change, payment of the $80 fee, and return of the original diploma.