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Students Called to Military Duty

Marymount University appreciates the situation of students who attend classes while maintaining a military obligation. All administrative offices and academic departments at the University will do their utmost to accommodate those students called to active military duty while enrolled in classes. The University’s goal is to make the transition as efficient, equitable, and expeditious as possible.

After consultation with instructors and the academic advisor, a student may choose one of three options:

Under the withdrawal option, the student will receive a complete refund of tuition and fees if he/she withdraws from all classes. If a student withdraws from some, but not all classes, tuition will be reassessed according to full- or part-time status.

If the student elects to receive an Incomplete, the student must discuss arrangements for completion of coursework with the instructor; the arrangement must clearly state the work completed and graded, and the work remaining. The instructor, in turn, will complete and send to the Registrar’s Office the appropriate form. The deadline for completion of an Incomplete is six months after re-enrollment at the University.

With instructor approval, a student may wish to elect the option of earning a grade if he/she has already completed most of the coursework and can accelerate remaining assignments prior to departure from the University.

The student should make the desired option known to the dean of the School in which he/she is enrolled.

A student who is called to active duty must provide documentation of his/her orders to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost. A student who intends to return to the University should complete a Continuous Registration Form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office. A student who returns to the University within two calendar years of the call to duty and presents documentation of military service is considered to have maintained Continuous Registration.