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Advance registration periods are posted on the Registrar’s Web page at Each student is required to register at the time and in the manner designated by the registrar. The student is expected to seek the academic guidance of a faculty advisor in developing a schedule of classes. No credit will be granted for any course, including independent study, unless registration is completed within the prescribed time at the start of a semester. Responsibility rests with the student to register for the necessary courses in the proper sequence to meet the requirements of the chosen curriculum.

All prescribed charges for the previous semester must be paid before registration may begin. All charges for the ensuing semester must be paid or provided for before registration is complete. No student whose account is in arrears will be permitted to register until all obligations are met. This includes submission of medical records, payment of parking fees, and payment of library fines.
Students are responsible for maintaining a current U.S. address on file with the University. Students should advise the Registrar’s Office of any address changes.

Late Registration and Add/Withdrawal Period

During the first nine days of the fall or spring semester, unregistered students may enroll, but are subject to a Late Registration fee. During a summer session, a student must add before the second class meeting. Unregistered students adding a summer class are also subject to a Late Registration fee. (See page 21 for Late Registration fee.) Registered students may add classes during this period without a Late Registration fee. Classes may not be added after the Late Registration and Add/Withdrawal period has ended unless approved by the appropriate School dean and the associate vice president for Academic Affairs.

Adding or Withdrawing from Courses

Students can add or withdraw from courses online or in person up to the last day specified in the Academic Calendar.

To withdraw from a class or classes, a student should complete an Add/Drop form at the Registrar’s Office or access his/her class schedule via Marynet. To withdraw from all classes in a semester and leave the University, a student should complete the “Request for Separation from the University” form available at the Academic Success Center in Rowley Hall. More information about separating from the University. To withdraw from all classes in a semester and maintain matriculation for the next semester, a student should complete a “Withdrawal/Continuous Registration” form available at the Academic Success Center. The date on which either form is received at the Registrar’s Office becomes the official date of withdrawal or separation.

Students who stop attending courses without officially withdrawing from the course or separating from the University will receive an F. Any tuition refund or credit will be calculated based on the withdrawal/separation date recorded by the Registrar’s Office.

Continuous Registration

Candidates for a degree must maintain Continuous Registration until all degree requirements are satisfied. By failing to register for one semester or more (not including summer semester), a student breaks registration and must reapply. Continuous Registration requires submission of a form, including the student’s signature and may be provided via U.S. mail or by fax. For more information about the process, contact the Office of the Registrar.

More information on fees associated with Continuous Registration.

Continuous Registration may be maintained for a maximum of two consecutive semesters, not including the summer semester.

A nondegree student who breaks registration for one semester or more must reapply for admission to the University.

The date of submission of a Continuous Registration form to the Office of the Registrar is the official date to determine the student’s financial responsibility to the University.

Students Enrolling at Consortium Institutions

All Marymount degree-seeking students in good academic standing are eligible to enroll in courses offered through the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area. Nondegree students are not eligible.

Degree-seeking students may enroll under the following conditions:

• The course may not be offered concurrently at Marymount.
• A maximum of six credits, or two courses, may be counted for credit toward Marymount degree requirements.
• Students may not enroll in consortium classes in the semester immediately preceding their anticipated graduation.
Consortium courses fulfill the minimum-credits requirement for residency.

Registration deadlines at visited institutions generally precede the start of the semester, so early registration is advised.

Visiting Consortium Students

Consortium students visiting Marymount must check in with the consortium coordinator in the Registrar’s Office. A completed permission slip must be presented. Visiting consortium students are not eligible for Marymount internships, clinical Nursing or Physical Therapy courses, or other specialized courses. All applicable fees are to be paid by the student to Marymount. Visiting students must call the consortium coordinator at (703) 284-1520 if they have questions about their eligibility for a course.