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Honors Program

The Honors Program consists of seven specialized classes (21 credits), many of which satisfy the University’s Liberal Arts Core requirements. The required courses are HON 101; four Intermediate Honors courses; HON 399, the Honors Thesis Proposal; and HON 400, the Honors Thesis. See course descriptions on HON 101, 399, and 400.

Following successful completion of HON 101, the Intermediate Honors courses (totaling at least 12 credits) may be fulfilled in special sections of Liberal Arts Core classes, “contract” courses, or graduate classes. Students choose from the following:

Liberal Arts Core Honors classes: These courses will be special sections of classes that currently fulfill Liberal Arts Core requirements, but are appropriately modified and denoted for Honors students.

Contract Honors courses: In addition to special Honors sections of Liberal Arts Core classes, participants may enroll in contract courses with permission from the Honors Committee. Contract courses are normal courses open to every student in the University. However, an Honors student may petition (contract) to complete the classes as part of his/her Honors requirements. Unlike independent study, Honors students will register for a regular course, but, in conjunction with the instructor, agree to perform additional work. (The requirements for the additional work is available from the Honors director.) This additional work is required for Honors credit, but will not affect the student’s grade for the course.

Graduate Courses: Junior and senior Honors students, with permission of the instructor, the department chair, the student’s advisor, and Honors director, may substitute graduate courses for his/her contract requirement (with no additional contract work). Please see the University’s Graduate Catalog for available courses.

Primary academic advising for Honors students will be delivered by faculty from their respective majors. Additional advising will be provided by the Honors director.

Honors students are permitted to register for a maximum of two Honors courses per semester. Furthermore, Honors students should fulfill all program requirements and achieve a yearly minimum GPA of 3.2 to maintain program benefits. Participants must earn at least a B in each Honors course.

Honors Program requirements should be distributed as follows:

Freshman year
Fall: HON 101 Introductory Honors Seminar
Spring: Intermediate Honors Course #1

Sophomore year
Fall: Intermediate Honors Course #2
Spring: Intermediate Honors Course #3

Junior year
Fall: Intermediate Honors Course #4 (by contract)
Spring: HON 399 Honors Thesis Proposal

Senior year
Fall: HON 400 Honors Thesis (or equivalent)
Spring: Thesis Defense

The transcripts of students who successfully complete all program requirements will note “Honors Scholar.”

Oxford Summer Study Program

Honors students will have the opportunity to study at the University of Oxford during the summer. Students will take one course from a Marymount faculty member and a tutorial with an Oxford faculty member. They will also have opportunities for study excursions to significant historical and cultural sites, such as Stonehenge, Bath, and London.

Up to 10 qualified students per year will be chosen based on a specified application procedure and will receive scholarship money. Contact the Honors Program director for further information.