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Study Abroad

Marymount’s Center for Global Education administers, supports, and coordinates all University programs taking place outside the U.S.

In today’s international world, study abroad presents a meaningful component to liberal arts education. When combined with practical experience such as an internship, its value is even greater. Individuals studying abroad integrate into the daily life of the host country and its people.

The London Program

Marymount University offers a study abroad experience in England, a country linked to American culture through its history, literature, and traditions. Study and internship experiences in England do not require fluency in a foreign language, so the student can benefit fully from the stay abroad.

Marym0unt’s London Program is sponsored by the University and is offered in partnership with the Foundation for International Education. Students can enroll for the fall, spring, or summer semester. Qualified second-semester sophomores, juniors, and first-semester seniors are eligible. The fall and spring semester programs require full-time enrollment for 12-15 credits; students enroll for six credits in the summer. Both the semester and summer programs offer students the option of enrolling in coursework alone or completing a London internship plus coursework. Students in these programs receive direct Marymount credit.

Those electing an option that includes an internship will have opportunities for experiential learning in the London offices of British, American, and multinational firms; British department stores; fashion and design studios; health centers; schools; and media outlets.

The approval of the appropriate School dean is required for registration. Students must have satisfied all financial obligations to the University as well. Full details about cost, the program’s calendar, academic criteria, admission requirements, including deadlines for applications, can be found online at All costs are subject to change, based on fluctuating international currency exchange rates.

Short-Term Programs

Periodically, short-term, faculty-led study abroad programs sponsored by Marymount University are available to undergraduate and graduate students. Past programs have included an art and architecture study tour in Italy, a study of operations and management in Belgium, and a Forensic Psychology program in London, England.

Students in these programs typically receive direct Marymount credit.

Marymount’s Center for Global Education can provide additional information about these programs and the criteria for enrollment. The Study Abroad pages of the University Web site also provides additional information about such programs.

Other Study Abroad Programs

Marymount University’s Center for Global Education can also facilitate study in other countries for undergraduate students representing a variety of majors.

Hosted by other institutions, semester programs are available to Marymount students who wish to study in locations including Africa, Australia, Austria, Central and South America, China, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and Spain. Some of these programs are available for summer study as well. Students in these programs receive Marymount transfer credit.

The Center for Global Education can assist students who seek other study abroad options to meet specific academic or professional goals as well. Such programs are typically sponsored by other universities or agencies.

All students who participate in study abroad programs must receive prior approval from their advisor, the dean of the School offering their major, and the Center for Global Education. To receive credit for any study abroad program, students must complete a course approval form before departure. These forms are available in the Center for Global Education. (This form does not need to be completed for students in the London Program or short-term Marymount-sponsored programs, as students in these programs receive direct Marymount credit.)

More information about all of these opportunities, as well as academic criteria, admission requirements, and deadlines for applications can be found through the Center for Global Education and on the Study Abroad pages of the Marymount University Web site.

Transferring Study Abroad Credit

All coursework taken through study abroad programs will be processed as transfer credit toward a Marymount degree, provided all courses are approved by a faculty member and that the student meets the University’s requirements for transfer credit. (This does not apply to credits earned through the London Program or Marymount-sponsored short-term programs, as these students receive direct Marymount credit.)

In accordance with the University regulations on post-admission transfer credit, undergraduate students are eligible to transfer no more than 15 semester credits from either a fall or spring semester abroad, or no more than a total of 30 semester credits for an academic year abroad, as this is the full-time course load for undergraduate study and the amount of credit that might be earned in a similar period at Marymount.

The student must earn a grade of C or better to receive transfer credit. Further, grades will not transfer to Marymount nor will they be factored into the student’s GPA. Credits transferred from study abroad programs will not be counted toward the University’s 36-credit minimum residency requirement.

Students studying abroad in programs not sponsored by Marymount should consult the Center for Global Education to learn if they must also maintain Continuous Registration at Marymount. Those who must maintain Continuous Registration but fail to do so will be considered separated from the University. Details on continuous registration are available here.