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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-17

MSC 348 Government Purchasing and Acquisition Process

This course examines each stage of the federal acquisition process, addressing how the government buys goods and services. It begins with acquisition planning, including how government contracts are advertised and researched. It looks at the various government socioeconomic programs targeted to small business, veterans, women, and other initiatives. The different types of contracts are discussed, including sealed bidding, negotiated procurements, and the acquisition of commercial items. In addition, the solicitation process (RFP and IFB) is covered, including the statement of work specifications and terms and conditions. A portion of the course emphasizes effective contract writing as well as contract negotiations. The contract awards process, the protest and disputes procedures, and the contract administration processes are introduced to illustrate the end-to-end procurement process. Attention is also given to special categories of contracting, including construction and information technology. Prerequisite/corequisite: MSC 308. (3)

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