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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-17

NU 304OL Transcultural Concepts in Health and Illness

This online course introduces the learner to transcultural theories, concepts, and principles prerequisite to the provision of culturally competent health care. Culturally competent health care is based on an awareness and utilization of transcultural knowledge and theories that help to explain the health care needs and responses of individuals and groups within the context of their culture and subcultures. The emphasis in this introductory course will be on the conduct of culturally competent health and wellness assessments based on the belief that no culture is either inferior or superior to another; that behavior needs to be evaluated in relation to the cultural context in which it occurs; and that respect, equality, and justice are basic rights for all cultural groups. In addition, the learner will be encouraged to confront personal cultural stereotyping and ethnocentrism and to examine the impact these beliefs can have on patient and client care, if left unexamined. Students are encouraged to identify and utilize the best evidence available to organize and structure the knowledge base of transcultural health and wellness care. Prerequisite: EN 102. (3)

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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-17

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